Strategic Planning

Conduct research and analyze the business environments in China, Japan, and South Korea, including market trends, competition, political and legal factors, economic conditions, cultural nuances, and consumer preferences. Identify the unique opportunities and challenges present in each country.

Risk Assessment

Continuously monitor the business environments in China, Japan, and South Korea for any changes or new risks that may arise. Stay up-to-date with political, economic, and regulatory developments in these countries. Regularly review and reassess your risk assessment and mitigation strategies to ensure their effectiveness and relevance.

Business Consulting

Gain a deep understanding of the business practices, cultural nuances, regulatory frameworks, and market trends in each country. This involves conducting research, studying case studies, and analyzing data to comprehend the unique characteristics of each market. Conduct comprehensive market research and analysis to provide actionable insights to the clients. 

Global Communication

Global communication facilitates the expansion of professional networks and connections in today's interconnected world. It enables the exchange of ideas, promotes cultural understanding, builds trust, enhances collaboration, and fosters inclusivity. By recognizing the importance of effective global communication, we establish lasting and meaningful relationships that transcend geographical boundaries.

Strategic Advisors  &  Consulting Experts

Vusal Guliyev, Ph.D.

Head of Shanghai Office

China Market Expert

Alibay Mammadov, Ph.D.

Head of Tokyo Office

Japan Market Expert

Nihat Khalilzade, Ph.D.

Head of Seoul Office

Korea Market Expert